A human-based solution to manage the full relocation of employees

Creating a digital relocation solution to manage the entire move and stay of international employees across the world.
With a dedicated 24/7 single contact point, we provide highly personalized support at every step. Experience our solution, designed to attract top talent and boost employee retention rates.


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We're uButler

uButler is a relocation company without classic relocation specialists. We approached the industry with a first focus on the employee experience and digitalization. 'We did it our way', without any involvement of the established and traditional players in the market. This resulted in a messaging based solution to guide, support and handle all aspects of any relocation. Transparent, extremely high quality and affordable due to innovation.

Active around the globe

uButler helps your employees move and settle into a new country, home and community. We deliver the exact same high-quality service wherever your employee needs to go. Already active on two continents, uButler is expanding fast and is able to grow with you to any city in the world.

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