A messaging-based solution to coordinate your employee’s relocation.

Creating a 24/7 first go-to point for you and your new employees, easy to align with your existing policy.

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to uButler, it made the transition and relocation smooth.
Delyan - Kraft HeinzDec 2020

uButler offers a complete relocation solution.

We unburden your HR department and improve the relocation experience for your ILH.

For you as an employer
For your employee
Competitive pricing

Thanks to our smart work method, we can offer our relocation services at just a fraction of the costs charged by our competitors.

Tech driven

We use data to constantly improve the experiences of your employee.


We’re a layer above the market. Stop managing multiple vendors.


  • Decide on what we will handle
  • Tailored to your employee’s needs

Together we create a plan on what will be offered during the servicing period.

uButler can handle everything and uses the best available vendors for every request. However, if you are already working with certain vendors, uButler can incorporate them in the programme.


  • 24/7
  • Web, mobile, SMS
  • Real people
  • Response in 60s

Your employees can ask us anything. We'll respond to their questions and handle every request.

Your employee gets a 24/7 chat assistant to make sure that the company program is fulfilled in time.


  • Data report
  • Analyse & Learn

We provide reports on anonymous data collected during the relocation period.

We will provide you with a quarterly data report, to give you insights into the use of uButler and help you improve your company's relocation process.

Track what you employees need
Find out how uButler can help your company.

Request a call to find out how your company can benefit from uButler’s relocation process.