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Why is the minimum subscription duration 3 months?

We’re live for almost 3 years now and we’ve learned that a small ‘start-up period’ is necessary before the service is really at its best. That’s because we get to know you through the first period; save your preferences and adjust our service to your needs. Over time the service gets better and faster and we don’t want you to miss that!

Are there any costs besides the monthly fee?

No, you won’t face any other costs. You’ll really have unlimited access to your personal assistant. 24/7. If you ask your P.A. to order/buy something for you, you pay the same price you would have paid if you ordered or bought it yourself (or better because we have a lot of connections with suppliers). There is no mark-up or whatsoever.

Can I pay per requests?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. Because we’re here to help you with literally anything and because the service is chat-based, this pay-per-request model can lead to discussion and confusion. We want your P.A. to be only focused on your needs and well-being.